10 ways to survive and enjoy the winter in Winnipeg

It’s cooooooold outside right now, but instead of hiding under the covers till the days get longer and warmer, here are some tips on how to survive the winter in Winnipeg.

1. Think Green.
Surround yourself with plants of all types. Play with them, baby them by giving them a bath in the shower, repot them, and as the days get longer, feed them with fertilizer and seaweed.
2. Buy a full spectrum light.
Change your light bulbs in one of your rooms to include a full spectrum light, say in your kitchen where you spend a lot of time. (Your plants will love it, too).
light kitchen
3. Walk in the woods.
Bundle up and get outside. Take a walk in the woods where you are sheltered from the wind and can enjoy the still magic of a winter’s day. You’ll get a wonderful benefit from this: your stress hormones will dissipate, your blood pressure will go down and your mind will feel sharper and clearer.
4. Visit in the conservatory at Assiniboine Park.
Although there is no longer a restaurant or gift shop, it is still worthwhile to take an hour to sit in the conservatory at the park – you’ll receive all the benefit of No. 3, plus it will smell like spring — and you can breathe in some happy bacteria.
assiniboine park conservatory
5. Visit a garden centre.
Right now your choices are St. Mary’s Garden Centre on St. Mary’s Road south of the Perimeter or T&T Seeds, west of the Perimeter on Roblin. Get some retail therapy buying a few tropical or some neat things for the coming spring and breath in the earth-scented air.
st mary's
6. Read a gardening book.
Reading can transport you to another world. Read a gardening book: Ten Neat Things or the Shelmerdine Plant and Garden Gide are two choices.
7. Take a Sunday drive to the International Peace Garden.
Visit the spectacular succulents and cactus collection in the conservatory there, then walk (or drive) to the chapel and feel your stress levels drop as you read about the many purveyors of peace celebrated in the chapel.
peace garden
8. Have lunch at Cibo Café.
Located overlooking the Red River behind the Mere Hotel on Waterfront Drive, this restaurant offers a wonderful view up and down the river and over to St. Boniface. With the sun shining off the ice and the trees, you will feel yourself come alive.
9. Pay a visit to Fort Whyte Alive.
This is great therapy both summer and winter, but even if it’s very cold outside, there is a lot to do and see in the interpretive centres. And there is a restaurant, too.
10. Go to the Symphony.
A night at the WSO is a tonic for the soul as well as the brain on the coldest winter night. Attend the New Music Festival where you can become part of a Winnipeg tradition that includes a party every night of the week-long event. Drop into the Winnipeg Art Gallery, too, and lose yourself in the latest exhibit.

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