Chaise Café – 271 Provencher Blvd.

Chaise-Cafe-3The prix fixe menu at Chaise Cafe is served family-style. Lunch began with three salads: the potato salad, their amazing roasted beet and chevre salad and a mini grilled Caesar salad.

I love the taste of the actual potato in a salad and prefer it when the spuds are lightly tossed with oil and vinegar. Chaise’s version, especially their clever use of an apple cider vinegar in the dressing, suited me to a “T”.

The inclusion of honey in the roasted beet and Canadian chevre salad was lovely. The deep garnet hues of the beets indicated that they were chock-full of anti-oxidants; don’t you just feel healthier when you eat beets?

The grilled Caesar salad was an appealing surprise. Grilling is typically reserved for proteins and dense vegetables, but why not lettuce?

The first time I tasted the fiery freshness of Chaise’s house-made pesto, the taste was almost electrifying, and it was equally spritely and good this time. The Toscana spaghetti was also good. Chaise’s version included olives, capers and garlic in a beurre brun sauce.

Their grilled sandwiches provided new tastes for me. One included prosciutto, brie and pear, the other Portobello mushroom, roasted pepper, spinach and more chevre.

Brie and pear is a classic pairing and the inclusion of prosciutto? Why not? The Italian dry-cured ham goes well with melon, after all.

In the second sandwich, the meaty taste of the Portobello mushrooms required other distinctive tastes to offset them, and the roasted red pepper and spinach did the trick.

If you are inclined towards nibbles of a variety of tastes, prix fixe menus are the way to go. The French who are credited for inventing restaurants also created this term. The earliest “packaging” of meals in this manner occurred in the early 1880s. Chaise Cafe also offers brunch, appetizer and dinner prix fixe menus.

Chaise Cafe is conveniently located on the stretch of Provencher where street parking is abundant. The restaurant is especially cozy in the winter months when St. Boniface bustles with events and festivals.

Reviews and photos by Kathryne Grisim
Kathryne Grisim was bitten by the travel bug when she was 16 and made her first solo trip to Halifax. She loves living in Winnipeg because she can leave on an early flight and be in Mexico by lunch time. Her food and travel blog can be found at