Book signing at the airport

Dennis Maoine (Photo supplied by Dennis Maione.)
Dennis Maoine
(Photo supplied by Dennis Maione.)

What-I-Learned-from-cancerWinnipegger Dennis Maione will be signing copies of his book, What I Learned from Cancer, at the Winnipeg Richardson International Airport on Friday, April 10, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Gate 9 in front of The Exchange News and Gifts store.He answers some of life’s tough questions in his book: What do you do when you get cancer at a young age? When you get it twice? How do you feel when you discover that cancer is a symptom of your genetics? That you have passed on this hereditary predisposition to your children?

What indeed. You persevere, you live life. That is what Dennis Maione decided to do; that, and share his story. “People can go to that place of constant worry. I chose not to,” says Dennis.

A story teller by nature, Dennis wrote What I Learned from Cancer to share his story with others. “Really the book is about recognizing that we all have a story in our crisis situations and those stories are all the same, at some root level, anyway. Whether we have cancer or MS or Parkinson’s or divorce or bankruptcy. Telling stories is important. It is a way to say, ‘Here’s my experience, maybe we have something in common.’ There is a lot of isolation when you are given a cancer diagnosis. The serendipity of sharing my story is that it may be helpful to other people,” he explains.

After he started writing, he realized he had more to say. He added a series of essays on being sick, the importance of community and advice to his younger self when he first started dealing with cancer.

What I Learned from Cancer is sold at the airport’s bookstores Red River News and The Exchange News and Gifts store for $22.