The Bahamas – Where sea and sky meet

Welcome to the Bahamas, an island paradise resplendent with bewitching natural beauty and friendly warm smiles. A place blessed with endless tranquil beaches and some of the clearest blue waters on earth. A place rich in history and culture, where you can find both solace and soul. This is where reality and dreams intertwine, a place like no other on earth.

bahamas-blue-waterHere, the sea fades into the sky – the water, so clear you can see to depths of over 200 feet. The Andros Island Barrier Reef, the third largest barrier reef in the world, offers beginners and experienced divers views into the rapturous underwater world below. The shore side of the reef offers a calm and peaceful adventure with a plethora of interesting sea life for beginners. It’s a surreal experience. Expert divers can experience the dive of a lifetime, swimming toward the Tongue of the Ocean, a place where the ocean suddenly drops to depths of more than 100 miles.

The Bahamas is an archipelago consisting of 700 islands, 30 inhabited, and approximately 2,400 cays located off the coast of Florida. It is no mystery why this slice of heaven has been a coveted tropical destination for 1,000 years. In the past, explorers, settlers and plenty of pirates found solace on these lands and their surrounding waters; today they attract tourists in droves for many of the same reasons.

Bahamians are a magnanimous group of people who are deeply religious. It seems as though the islanders have all adopted a laid-back approach to life; after all, what is there to be stressed about here? If you’re having a hard time understanding the language, you might find it interesting to learn that Bahamian English is a mix of Queen’s diction (they were under peaceful British rule for 325 years), African influence and island dialect, creating a language only found on “t’a islands.”

Embrace the island life by relaxing on the beach, shopping the straw markets for woodcarvings, baskets or hats, relishing the abundant water activities, watching wildlife, absorbing some history and the sites, or by celebrating, because Bahamians love to party.

Come, escape to the Bahamas!

Travelling to the Bahamas
In addition to a valid passport, travellers may be asked to provide evidence of a return ticket, sufficient funds to finance their visit, confirmed accommodation and a completed immigration card. You will be asked to keep a portion of the card safe until your departure when you’ll be required to surrender it.